Managing Partners

With a combined 100 years of experience in the transportation industry specializing in Expedited Land Transportation, about the only thing new to the senior leadership is the company name. Each Managing Partner has served in positions ranging from driver to VP of divisions in their respective fields, affording them a wealth of knowledge which they bring to the table.

While they split their expertise evenly between Sales and Operations, each partner wears multiple hats and will often represent all aspects of the company: Safety, Operations, Sales, & Logistics.

David Lippman

David has 30 years of experience in the Transportation industry beginning in March of 1983 in a regulatory capacity; he then spent a year in a dispatch/sales position. His experience since has been mainly focused on the sales aspect of the business.

“In my thirty years in the industry I believe the deregulation of intrastate transportation in 1995 has been the most challenging change to adapt to. Although it took the industry time to acclimate to the changes presented; deregulation has afforded us all the ability to provide our customers with quality service at ‘cost effective’ prices not previously permitted. Providing a safe working environment in the office, on the road, and on site is of paramount importance.”

Johnny Mannina

Johnny has 32 years of experience in the industry beginning in 1981 in a sales capacity. His experience since has included a broad range of roles including sales, operations, administration, and logistics.

“The last 18 years have been the most challenging, trying to administer programs which support deregulation and the current mandates set forth by the DOT. The ability and willingness to embrace new technology which is currently revolutionizing the transportation industry and to take advantage of the many tools available to help manage our fleet is of vital importance. Safety first!”

B. David McWhorter

David has 33 years of experience in the Transportation industry beginning in Houston in early 1980 as an owner/operator, moving into a terminal manager position and partnership in the company within 3 years. In 1989, he sold his interest in that business and moved on to new endeavors. His experience is wide-ranging, covering all aspects of the business from sales to collections.

“My goal in helping to build American Eagle Logistics, LLC is to make it the exceptional land transportation company; one whose owners and employees believe that ‘Safety First’ is not just a slogan and that growth and revenue must never be at the expense of the safety of our drivers, customers, or the motoring public. We are a company which understands that our owner-operators and employees are the backbone of our company and that assembling the very best of both is the only way to service the needs of our valued customers in an ever changing world of seemingly endless government regulation.”

Harold P. Vice, Jr.

Harold has 20 years of experience in the Transportation industry beginning in 1993 as a Hotshot truck driver. His experience since has been very diverse including the following positions: night and logistics dispatch, logistics manager, terminal manager, regional manager, transportation manager and vice-president with particular emphasis on Operations and Administration.

“In my opinion, the most challenging aspect that I’ve come across has been the numerous industry changes; changes in Safety and DOT guidelines set forth by our customer base as well as FMCSA. It has been a learning experience throughout the years and at times difficult to disseminate the information. However, technology has been an incredible asset in keeping our terminals, owners and drivers up to date on current safety information.”